For Sale


Woodbridge, Prince William County


For Sale

Property Area

56 Acres


20 Duplexes, 132 Townhomes, 216 Stacked Townhomes, 64 Apartments

Proposed Use





JR REAL ESTATE GROUP LLC is delighted to introduce Hoadly Square, an exceptional development situated on Hoadly Road in Woodbridge, within Prince William County. Spanning 56 acres, this residential project features a diverse range of unit types including duplexes, townhomes, and apartments. Notably, 35% of the total area is open spaces, and 7.3% of site area is designated for amenity areas.


Central to the community is a state-of-the-art recreational center, serving as a focal point for residents. This community center will boast an indoor swimming pool, basketball court, fitness center, and versatile social gathering spaces. Hoadly Square also offers a vibrant central park, ideal for temporary retail setups and live entertainment, along with linear parks, interconnected pedestrian trails, and a dedicated mountain biking trail. Additionally, residents will enjoy access to playgrounds, a dog park, fitness zones, and various sports courts.


Hoadly Square will not only enhance the quality of life for its residents but also contribute positively to the surrounding area. With its array of amenities and thoughtfully designed spaces, we envision Hoadly Square as a thriving and vibrant community that residents and surrounding community alike will appreciate.